mercredi 30 juillet 2014

040/060 adapter [eng]

Well, I already talked about a possible 68040 version of some Warp3D libraries, but now it's clear that there will be no...

For those who were following my old and still closed blog, I finally found what was messing on my 040 => 060 adapter : It works now ! I've made two nice howlers, not proud  of this one Cosmos... Bouh...

Meanwhile, a friend of Mozart the original author, Matze has made available a new version with some changes and improvements like some thicker tracks (available here). So I ordered new PCBs which already arrived some time ago :
A small reminder of only 040 cards this adapter will allow to change :
  • The A3640 from Commodore,
  • The WarpEngine from MacroSystem US,
  • The G-Force 040 Combo from GVP,
  • The Apollo 1240 with Mach130 from ACT,
  • The 040-500 from Progressive Peripherals and Software,
  • The Fusion Forty from RCS Management.
Matze reversed the position of the small extension for the controller and a few components :

On the other side I have now other problems with my A4000T : my 68040 WarpEngine doesn't start with it... With this adapter and a 060, sometimes it boot, but not every time... Some people think this could be a conflict between IDE/SCSI...

I also burned my A4000D which doesn't want to hear anything : by testing my CyberStormPPC from DCE, the one with corroded holes which I was talking in a previous article... Even with the Logica diagnosis roms there is nothing on screen... this is not a goog sign... What a bad luck...

You have a cheap A4000D card to sell ? Thank you to contact me !

If you have an A3640 into an A3000D, it's fully possible to add a small fan like this without any desktop case modification :

SpeedGeek said to me : the 68060.library v46.7 (17/04/18) from Phase5 is fully working !

(translated by Squaley)

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