dimanche 9 juin 2013

The beta 3 [eng]

Good news today ! Do you smell the rubber ?

Speedup is pretty good, see by yourself. I use the little demo called StarShipW3D which is already very fast with original libraries on my setup :

I have chosen to start with StarShipW3D which seems to give us fairly accurate benchmarks...

In comparison, Cow3D is very slow on my setup : I can only reach about 7 fps... I also found a bug inside the program. Press the « B » key to turn the cache on and you will see that the cow has some glitches at some point during a turn and resume its original shape and so on...

Using my new Beta 4 for warp3D.library and the beta 3 for W3D_AvengerLEMU.library, a huge gain of speed can be noticed on our old 68k and 3dfx : + 49 fps !!
For the moment, I have reworked about five or six routines related to the W3D_LockHardware and W3D_UnLockHardware functions, more to come soon...

 (translated by CrashMidnick)

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