lundi 10 juin 2013

Unification [eng]

I was right to compare manualy A1200's and A4000's libraries !

In fact, those Mediators use there own libraries to be able to work flawlessly :

3dfx Mediator A1200T (Picasso96)
  • W3D_AvengerBEMU.library (= BigEndian MMU) 
  • W3D_AvengerLEMU.library (= LittleEndian MMU)

3dfx Mediator A3000/A4000 (Picasso96) & 3dfx GRex A1200T/A4000 (CyberGraphX)
  • W3D_AvengerBE.library (= BigEndian) 
  • W3D_AvengerLE.library (= LittleEndian)

Well, looking at the sources carefully, we can see that there are only few differences between thos two libraries : The A1200 version acceses the pci.library when asking a task but the A4000 one do not need to do that. There is also another difference in a little function and... that's all !!
The other part of the code is 100% identical !

This is a good news for us in order to put Warp3D into ROM in the future : only one file instead of two is required !

Only two tests need to be coded : one to identify if a Grex is connected, another one to detect if it is an A3000 or an A4000 which is in use. From here, we can orientate/point the code to the A1200's and A4000's libraries spécificities.

(translated by CrashMidnick)

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