vendredi 8 août 2014

CSPPC firmware (II) [eng]

Toni Wilen who update regulary WinUAE has published a new beta version which take charge of BlizzardPPC, CyberStormPPC and CyberStormMK3 cards and also, of course, their firmwares management.

A very interesting option, since this version allows me to test my different optimised firmwares before using them on our true hardware :
I already removed the ugly $VER: before W3D_CyberGfx4.library

It is here the small W3D_CyberGfx4.library 4.3 beta 4 (6,5 ko) which I integrated on the firmware. Grace to the previous work done on the betas which consisted, amongst other, to make this library PC relative, I only needed 19 extra lines of code to make it romable or rather firmwareable... It appears in the resident section, which means it's now in rom...

I look forward to test it on our hardware...

No need to install this library on hard drive or compact flash card now... There's only need to switch on the Amiga and it rulez...Users who wanted simplicity will be happy !

I also removed the ppc.library v46.35 (PowerUP system from Phase 5) from the firmware of the BlizzardPPC for the 1 MB kickstarts to work... Tested on WinUAE 2.9.0 béta 9 of course and it works !
(translated by Squaley)

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