vendredi 31 mai 2013

Questions ? [eng]

With the well known utility SnoopDos, it seems to be possible to know which libraries are used by which programs what is useful. We can see here that two versions of LE and BE of W3D_Avenger.library are open by the Warp3D.library:

LE and BE letters mean Little Endian and Big Endian. they just are order of reading. For example, the hexadecimal number $12345678 is Big Endian (the same way of reading in french or english language) then Little Endian is $78563412.

PPC and 68k are Big Endian then x86 are Little Endian like the 3dfx by default. There is a needed conversion of BE => LE for our 68040/060 that take a little bit of procesor time because it has to use three instructions (rol.w/swap/rol.w) each time. The 3dfx drivers use about 4440 times these three instructions.

Always with the LibraryTimer utility, I can see that no W3D_AvengerBEMU.library function is called by the game Quake 2!

What's the use of this library? Thank you if you can answer with some commentary if you have the answer or just an idea that can help me to know and understand!

         (translated by johnz)

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  1. hello,

    not much, but... old usenet posting with comment by Hans-Joerg Frieden (scroll to the end):

    someone ask which of the W3D_Avenger*.library to use.

    HJoerg Frieden:
    "No, you can safely install all libraries. Warp3D takes care to load only
    the correct libraries through the information provided by pci.library."
    maybe the pci.library can give an answer?

    best regards and keep going :)

  2. I compared the LEMU/BEMU and the LE/BE, and only few changes between...
    Only some inits are different...
    And both libraries have the rol/swap/rol all the time in the code...

  3. hi, it is me again :)

    it is hard to find any information of these libraries. on eab board ( i still dont get, why you got a ban there ... ) - matthey said:
    "You can use the Warp3D.library by itself with the Mediator 1200 although the majority of the speedup (and work) is in the Avenger libs."

    so the avenger libs must have its purpose. maybe it is ppc related what he said. not sure. perhaps the whole thread gives some more informaton.

    best of luck and keep up your work :)



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