vendredi 31 mai 2013

The beta 2 [eng]

The beta 2 is currently only a simple clearing with all internal connections routed through the Function Table too. In fact, here are the main steps that I can use to finally modify the programs as I want:
  1. Disassembling a program or a library using InGo (available on Aminet),
  2. Correctly format the source obtained using Ced, in order to have a clear listing,
  3. Assembling the source using Phxass to check if everything is ok.

From here, the source is readable and writable. As an evidence, the more the ptogram is big, the more the source will be bigger too! For example, the W3D_AvengerLEMU.library has more than 152 610 code lines! I spent many days to put everything in good order, line by line! You have to see it to believe it, trust me... The fat Cosmos is crazy, isn't it?

Then, the first thing to do for this kind of very large library is what I call clearing stuff. This step is usefull to remove all unnecessary code, which is not used. As always, with this very same W3D_AvengerLEMU.library; there were many trigonometric math functions that were not in use at all into the library itself. Only two trigos were used. Moreover, all these functions are the same as those already present into the 68040 and 68060.library written by Motorola in 1990/91. In other words, the authors have included all the large package into the whole library. However, keeping only the two useful functions, leads to saving space: the library lost about 25,50 KB. It mean that less loading time is required from hard drive to ram and less fastram used.

It's better than nothing !
(translated by CrashMidnick)

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