vendredi 9 mai 2014

4589 nop [eng]

The nop instruction from the 68k means no operation : that is to say it doesn't compute anything...

There were a total of 4589 in W3D_AvengerLE.library and W3D_AvengerLEMU.library ! Yes,yes, you read that right : 4589 in each one of it !!

They were placed immediately after each write in a register of the 3dfx GPU :

So why add all these nop ? No clue, it must be remembered that Warp3D has been compiled in 2002 : maybe by this time the pci.library from Médiators demanded it...

On the 060, nop also flush the write buffer... and it need 9 cycles to be run by the CPU

Meanwhile the pci.library has continued to evolve, and the last available version on the builder website since a few time is the v9.9.

Well, all these nop can simply be removed now ! Good riddance !!

Yet, the library has been alleviated of no less than 9Kb, and I have a gain of 0.7 fps under GLBlitzQuake

Great !!
(translated by Squaley)

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