vendredi 30 mai 2014

MK1 040 in 060 [eng]

The CyberStorm MK1 require a different CPU module depending on the 040 or 060 installed on it... At last required !

I was thinking about making a special 68040 version of the W3D_AvengerLE.library without the fintrz emulation of the 040 (see the past article) but with this new hack, I hesitate... Maybe the users should upgrade their cards with 68060 which would bring a better confort...

Indeed, Musicman, has found the required modifications for the 040 modules to accept 060 ones !

First of all, weld the regulator, put the JMP on 3.3v, also the three diodes near the CPU support and install the 27C256 eprom like this :

Then, cut the trace here :

And scratch the PCB surface which gets to the hole :

Then, use a cable to link the hole with the second component from above :

To end, it's needed to lift the second pin of this 74F257A and connect it with the last one of his row :

Et voilà, it works very nicely : however the card refused to overclock at 60 Mhz or more but work perfectly at 50 Mhz.
(translated by Squaley)

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