vendredi 16 mai 2014

bug fix [eng]

Good news today with a bug found in the W3D_Picasso96MU.library

The W3D_Picasso96.library and W3D_CyberGfx4.library are not concerned.

I had already mentioned in a former article there is some time : when I launched GLBlitzQuake just after a boot, I had planned fps. By cons, when I booted up another program just before Warp3D as Cow3D for example, then I was getting about 0.5 fps less with the same GLBlitzQuake...

Well, the bug was in the memory management of the 3dfx : and more precisely in the W3D_P96MU_AllocVMem function !

Note that I'm not sure about my fix, I'm working with a disassembled source : however with it, I always get the same fps result with GLBlitzQuake

For now with that big bug "patched up", the W3D_Picasso96MU.library goes to final release 4.3 !

W3D_Picasso96MU.library 4.3 :
  • fix W3D_P96MU_AllocVMem
  • correct _EndMarker
  • sections removed
  • all functions aligned with cnop 0,4
  • all jsr => bsr.w/.l
  • a lot of absolute addresses turned PC relative
  • unused code removed
  • all internal bsr functions are now called by jsr jmptable (LibraryTimer)
  • W3D_P96MU_AllocVMem optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_CheckBitmapVisible optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_Close optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_CreateContext optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_Expunge optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_LockHardware optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_Open optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_UnlockHardware optimized
  • W3D_P96MU_Version optimized
  • 1724 bytes saved
(translated by Squaley)

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