vendredi 11 avril 2014

ForceVersion [eng]

ForceVersion is a variable found in ENVARC:Warp3D/ which offers the possibility to select routines of the old version 3.x of Warp3D for some functions :
  •  W3D_SetState,
  •  W3D_VertexPointer,
  •  W3D_TexCoordPointer,
  •  W3D_ColorPointer,
  •  W3D_DrawArray,
  •  W3D_DrawElements. 

Indeed, in the Warp3D library, there is six real time checks of the value of this variable. To select  the old routines of the version 3 of Warp3D 4.2, simply put 3 in ForceVersion or put 4 for the latest ones.

After some tests, here is the results with the new routines of the 4.2 version :
  • ForceVersion at 3 (functions using 040/060 CPU) :
GLBlitzQuake with my Config 3 : 73.5 seconds and 13.2 fps
  • ForceVersion at 4 (functions using the GPU) :
GLBlitzQuake with my Config 3 : 71.1 seconds and 13.6 fps

The results have convinced me to drop all the version 3 code which is slower than the last one in the beta 7. Needless to keep about 22 Kb of slower routines...

The ForceVersion variable has now no longer effect since the beta 7 !
(translated by Squaley)

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