mercredi 23 avril 2014

MC68060FE133 [eng]

Since a while, the Natami Team has succeeded to buy a MC68060FE133 using a QFP240 size, like this photo proves it and which would run at 133 MHz.

Imagine Warp3D with a 68060 at 133 Mhz !!

I had contacted Thomas Hirsch for buying him a exemplary, but no news of him...

In short, I have finally found another one, but smaller, a QFP132 size, that is to say the same as some 68030. I also had to buy this set of five rare adapters QFP => PGA which elsewhere cost me arm and a leg :

With those adapters, it becomes possible to test these MC68060FE133 QFP132 on our 68030 cards :

So, let's weld...

Here, it suffice to plug it now :

Ouch !!!

It's a 68EC030 !!

I have been suckered like a newbie !!

Some people have erased the old mark and inscribed a new one to resell it at high price to idiots like me !

I precise that I'd not had photos of the CPU before buying, but shit anyway...

This time, another test at 60 Mhz on a Blizzard IV :

It works too, but it's very hot at this frequency :
Well, it's a fake. Another sword strike in the water and a fortune lost for nothing... I'm going to hang myself...

About the big FE133 QFP240 from Natami, it may actually be a MC68EC060FE50 or a MC68EC060FE75 without MMU nor FPU and also rebadged :

There is a software way of knowing whether these QFP240 MC68060FE133 are true or not : read an internal register called PCR that will give us the answer.

If you have a big MC68060FE133 QFP240, thanks to contact me by email !

(translated by Squaley)

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